Joshua Hyslop

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Joshua Hyslop是来自于加拿大温哥华的一位年轻民谣歌手。他的风格偏向于浪漫的抒情风,深受Damien Rice, Ryan Adams, Iron and Wine以及Sufjan Stevens等歌手的影响。他喜欢低沉的诉说,而不常高声的宣泄,也是结合了他自身的风格用歌词抒情坦诚表达
Joshua Hyslop
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Joshua Hyslop个人介绍

Joshua Hyslop是来自于加拿大温哥华的一位年轻民谣歌手。他的风格偏向于浪漫的抒情风,深受Damien Rice, Ryan Adams, Iron and Wine以及Sufjan Stevens等歌手的影响。他喜欢低沉的诉说,而不常高声的宣泄,也是结合了他自身的风格用歌词抒情坦诚表达。

Joshua Hyslop英文介绍

Joshua is a modern folk musician, an amalgam of influence in the classically romantic tradition of Damien Rice, Ryan Adams, Iron and Wine, and Sufjan Stevens. Like the said ballyhooed folksters before him, Joshua is inspired to write largely as a result of the people and relationships surrounding him, while also subjecting his songs to his own vulnerabilities, doubts, and conflicts. He integrates these revelations with his agenda of lyrical candidness, creating an expressive and open artform. With all of Joshua\'s ability and potential, what really sets him apart is his faultless abililty in the live venue. Josh will silence the crowd (literally) with his soft, and consistently pitch perfect vocal control while unintentionally making you fall in love with him for being a \'good guy\'. Considering the indiosyncratic confluence of ability he boasts, it is fair to say that Joshua spins a web of charm that makes him inimitably great.

Joshua Hyslop专辑介绍


Joshua HyslopCold Wind - EP

歌手:Joshua Hyslop
01.Cold Wind
02.Little Sparrow
03.Nowhere Left to Go
05.We Have Seen
06.If I Was a Better Man

Joshua HyslopWhere the Mountain Meets the Valley

歌手:Joshua Hyslop
语言:英语 流派:Indie
唱片公司:Nettwerk Productions
01. Do Not Let Me Go
02. Hallelujah
03. What Have I Done? (feat. Anna Scouten)
04. Wish You Well
05. Time Alone
06. The Mountain
07. I Wish I Was
08. First Light
09. Nowhere Left to Go
10. Shelter from the Storm
11. Have You Heard?
12. Where the Mountain Meets the Valley
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